• Basic Layout - (Very Important) started
  • Setup Apache 2 with a config for modifying through Databases (Vital to System) - Started
  • Attach PHP to Apache, and build database modifier for clients and domains (Vital to System) - Started
  • Attack a Database system to Apache, and setup for adding users (Vital to System) - Started
  • Add SSL security, including more choises for client and admin (High Importance) - Started
  • FTP (Somewhat Important)
  • Email (Somewhat Important)
  • Install Scripts (Fantastico-like)
  • CGI/Perl
  • ASP
  • Other CGI's
  • Other ISAPI's


    Apache Foundation (Misc. Server Software)
    PHP (Scripting Language)
    MySQL (Database)
    Webalizer (Statistics)
    AWStats (Statistics)

  • Places to find more:

  • Sourceforge
    Open Directory Project


    The forums will be added to our site as soon as our first release is done.